We know that people in the food and beverage industry have a hard time asking for help. You pride yourselves on making your own way, staying strong even when you aren’t and pushing your own needs aside in order to serve others. We want you to know that everyone needs help now and again.

And, in fact, studies show that workers in the food and beverage industry suffer tremendously compared to other industries due to long hours, intense work (as seen in the video below), high stress and scarcity of employer-subsidized health insurance.

Now, through a partnership with Mental Health America of Greater Houston and the University of Houston, we are proud to provide free mental healthcare to anyone in the food and beverage industry—and their children—in the state of Texas. We are working to grow this program to include every state, but in the meantime, we are so proud to launch this initiative right here at home.

Here’s How it Works

Email Cat Bill to connect with a dedicated Southern Smoke caseworker. She’ll connect you with the University of Houston. A clinician will arrange a phone conference to go through any details you need to know. Services are also available for children of industry workers. The clinician will then set up a telehealth session with a specific PHD clinical psychology student at University of Houston and Dr. John P. Vincent, Professor and Director of the Center for Forensic Psychology and Dr. Carla Sharp, Professor and Director of Clinical Training at the University of Houston. Their team can put together a long-term, customized plan for you or your child or can just be there for support as needed. **Please note that we currently have a waiting list and wait time may be required.

There is no cost to you to use this service.

There is no need to apply for financial assistance via the Emergency Relief Fund to use this service. However, if you need financial assistance in addition to mental healthcare, please click here.

We want to thank Mental Health America of Greater Houston and the University of Houston for making this possible.

If you need or would like to be in touch with a mental health professional and do not reside in Texas, please visit Methodist Hospital’s online behavioral health program.