We know you work hard for your money and we are grateful for anything you are able to give. Please know that 90% of all donations go directly to the Emergency Relief Fund.

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Whether you are a small business owner or working in the corporate sector, Southern Smoke has opportunities for your company to receive exposure through customized sponsorships. For information, please contact our executive director, Kathryn Lott.


If you are fortunate enough to work for one of the many generous companies that will match your donation, please check with your employer's matching program to help boost your efforts. Every dollar helps us fulfill our mission. 

If we are not already connected to the Matching Program, please consider submitting and adding Southern Smoke Foundation to their giving list. Please contact Kathryn Lott if you have questions or need any assistance.


Throughout the year we have various fundraisers, parties and dinners. Please take a look at our Festival and Events pages and see what we have coming up! We promise it will be a good time for a great cause.