For us to help, we need help.

From wildfires in Hawaii to hurricanes across America, and every crisis in between, Southern Smoke Foundation is there for food and beverage workers. We keep families safe in their homes. We keep the lights on for thousands. We keep the industry moving.

But for us to grant emergency relief funds to our applicants, we need funding, too.

Please donate to Southern Smoke Foundation. On average, we’re granting $3,400 to each F+B worker we serve.

Help us help someone today.

This Organization Created a $4M Fund to Support Chicago’s Restaurant Workers — but $3.6M Remains Unclaimed

People are saying this [fund] is changing their lives when they didn’t have any hope,” Grueneberg says. “If you need help, take advantage of it. Don’t feel bad you’re applying for support. Part of the awareness is to fight any guilt or stigma.