For us to help, we need help.

From wildfires in Hawaii to hurricanes across America, and every crisis in between, Southern Smoke Foundation is there for food and beverage workers. We keep families safe in their homes. We keep the lights on for thousands. We keep the industry moving.

But for us to grant emergency relief funds to our applicants, we need funding, too.

Please donate to Southern Smoke Foundation. On average, we’re granting $3,400 to each F+B worker we serve.

Help us help someone today.

What’s cooking at Houston’s smokin’ food charity

Southern Smoke evolved into a crisis relief organization after Hurricane Harvey, but the coronavirus pandemic thrust it into the spotlight. Lott explains how the organization has responded to the crisis both by staffing up to deal with a nationwide influx of applications and by staying true to its core mission of primarily assisting people with emergency medical and housing situations.